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Meeting-2018-08-25-Bash Scripting

So, it turns out that WordPress doesn’t like my little script, and if you want a copy of it, you’ll need to download it with; wget Some days I just don’t appreciate a CMS as much as I Should #!/bin/bash -i # This script shows some of the features of the Bourne Again SHell […]

Backing up MySQL Databases

This is the script I run every morning to back up all of the databases in my MySQL database – it gets every database, including mysql, which has the users and access rights for users. Obviously, you’ll need to modify a few of the variables in the script, but it shouldn’t be difficult. There are […]


This meeting covered an installation of ownCloud, ending with an exciting software RAID rebuild done live! The linked .pdf file is a complete walkthrough of the build. Thank you to all who attended! ownCloud

How to run a sub-domain of CLUG.Org

Why? Because DNS is a great enabler! Let’s say you want to share some information with the world but you have a regular, dynamic xDSL Internet connection. You start up a web server, open port 80 on your router, find your IP address is, then call some friends to let them know that address. […]

Raspberry Spi

# Insert an SD card into a Linux PC and; sudo fdisk -l # # Disk /dev/sdb: 3965 MB, 3965190144 bytes # 49 heads, 48 sectors/track, 3292 cylinders, total 7744512 sectors # Units = sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes # Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes # I/O size (minimum/optimal): […]

Changing the mount point of a partition

Hi CLUG, I have an external backup drive. The partition that has my Linux backup files (via rsync) is recognised as 43a15d01-9f3f-4069-bdab-106832d54ff0/ when I plug my removable drive into a usb port on my computer. I tried to rename the partition. This is what I get: mv 43a15d01-9f3f-4069-bdab-106832d54ff0/ backup/ mv: cannot move `43a15d01-9f3f-4069-bdab-106832d54ff0/’ to `backup/’: […]

Mass mailing from the command line!

This is the little script that sent out the messages for the picnic! #!/bin/bash for Each in ` cat CLUGers.txt ` do cat Message.txt | mutt -s “June CLUG meeting” $Each echo $Each sleep 10 done Message.txt is a file in the local directory that contained the body text of the e-mail, CLUGers.txt is a […]