Author: BillStowell

Backup for gmail

Just read a useful article on titled how to back up and restore gmail account in linux: It makes use of “Gmvault” to make a complete backup of your gmail account on your own computer. Seems like a useful application but might take a while if you’re backing up a few GB over […]

Changing the mount point of a partition

Hi CLUG, I have an external backup drive. The partition that has my Linux backup files (via rsync) is recognised as 43a15d01-9f3f-4069-bdab-106832d54ff0/ when I plug my removable drive into a usb port on my computer. I tried to rename the partition. This is what I get: mv 43a15d01-9f3f-4069-bdab-106832d54ff0/ backup/ mv: cannot move `43a15d01-9f3f-4069-bdab-106832d54ff0/’ to `backup/’: […]