The June meeting will be the CLUG picnic at Rentschler Forest in Butler county!

When: Saturday, June 22nd. 10:30 – Dark
Where: GE Shelter, Rentschler Forest (Follow Signs)
Who: Members (and family) are invited, others may join at the picnic!!!

Now, the important issues, what do we want to eat?
E-Mail me with your dietary delights, but leave out the Spam!
Steve Jones E-Mail

    Bring something to share: Beverages, Side dishes, Desserts!
    We’ll provide meat, flatware, napkins, cups, etc.
    Also, bring outdoor games, group games, maybe water balloons, anything!
    Electricity is NOT available at the site.
    A Motor Vehicle Permit is not required (it’s included with the shelter)
    Membership rates are prorated for new members.
    Since we haven’t collected dues yet, current members are asked to pay up.

Information about the park;

Address of the preserve: 5701 Reigart Rd, Hamilton, OH 45011

The preserve is North of Hamilton, very near the intersection of Route 4 and the Route 4 Bypass.

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Mass mailing from the command line!

This is the little script that sent out the messages for the picnic!

for Each in ` cat CLUGers.txt `
do cat Message.txt | mutt -s "June CLUG meeting" $Each
echo $Each
sleep 10

Message.txt is a file in the local directory that contained the body text of the e-mail, CLUGers.txt is a list of email addresses, one per line of the people we wanted to send the e-mail to.