Month: June 2013


The June meeting will be the CLUG picnic at Rentschler Forest in Butler county! When: Saturday, June 22nd. 10:30 – Dark Where: GE Shelter, Rentschler Forest (Follow Signs) Who: Members (and family) are invited, others may join at the picnic!!! Now, the important issues, what do we want to eat? E-Mail me with your dietary […]

Mass mailing from the command line!

This is the little script that sent out the messages for the picnic! #!/bin/bash for Each in ` cat CLUGers.txt ` do cat Message.txt | mutt -s “June CLUG meeting” $Each echo $Each sleep 10 done Message.txt is a file in the local directory that contained the body text of the e-mail, CLUGers.txt is a […]