The meeting today concerned the format of future meetings. Over the years the group has moved away from the formal style we started with to a far more casual and unstructured format. Dues have not been collected for years, introductions are rarely made, topics have been spotty at best.

I take responsibility for these issues and others, and am trying to rectify them now.
The CLUG Bylaws have been posted, please read them and be aware that in the future, they will be used to govern the direction and intent of the group.

Technically, there were no members in attendance as we have no dues paying members. The following folks showed up to discuss where the group is headed;

  • Bill Stowell
  • Parker Jones
  • Mike Bechtold
  • Dave Hemmerle
  • Mike Lau
  • Anthony Strauss
  • Edwin Clements
  • Jonathan Jacobs
  • Lance Feldmen
  • Mike Humerickhouse
  • Sandi Jones
  • Duncan Jones
  • Brett Birdsall
  • Steve Jones

Offices were discussed and volunteers stepped forward to fill the positions of;

  • President: Steve Jones
  • Vice President: Dave Hemmerle
  • Secretary: Bill Stowell
  • Treasurer: Mike Bechtold
  • Program Director: Mike Lau
  • Program Director: Anthony Strauss
  • Program Director: Jonathan Jacobs

The treasury currently holds approximately $1225.00, after debiting $75.00 for a picnic shelter for the June meeting.

The group was called to order at 10:35, and was released to disorder at 12:00.